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I just love how you people constantly make insincere use of outdated, no longer tenable Tartessian language research material, that has little if any standing when compared with the most recent findings.

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As Koch appositely remarks, the isolated lakeenti of J. I would also like to see you answer Taranis as well as what I said about the weirdness of "Tartessian" as a sort of Celtic language. So, just to get this straight, if I find a favourable peer-review of Koch's translationa of Tartessian as Celtic, you will allow us to change the classification shown on this page to Celtic and give more detail on this aspect.

Falling back on the LinguistList web site when you can't esatblish an alternative model is not enough for me. You have every right to reference material that is appropriate to the argument.

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The average height above sea level is 7 metres 23 feet. One userid has taken a position that doesn't allow reversion of the review while the other is free to use to revert the review.

Both men wrote in two different published works that the first Jews to reach Spain were brought by ship by Phiros who was confederate with the king of Babylon when he laid siege to Jerusalem.

Since he's no more in a position to assess the merits of Koch's classification of Tartessian than any of us are, it's not even an argument from authority, it's an argument from celebrity That is why I put the details of Koch's interpretation under the "Texts" sub-heading "Tartessian as Celtic" that another Wiki editor established as a way of expressing the Celtic model for Tartessian.

It is a feckless innovation for the "Tartessian" semi-syllabary to develop this lack of distinction between voiced and unvoiced stop consonants if it were in anyway a member of the Celtic family.

Tartessian language

Other categories include abjads, which differ from alphabets in that vowels are not indicated, alphabets typically use a set of to symbols to fully express a language, whereas syllabaries can have to, and logographies can have several hundreds of symbols. For about seven brief years, Wales was one, under one ruler, a feat with neither precedent nor successor.

The population density of Alentejo is If the objective of Wikipedia is to disseminate knowledge based on facts, Jembana has woefully failed Wikipedia and it's mission. Some of those soldiers Bernal Diaz among them advanced the idea that these Indians might be Jews.

The Alentejo is a known for its traditional polyphonic singing groups, similar to those found on Tuscany, Corsica. Maybe this is why Koch. The Tartessian language is the extinct Paleohispanic language of inscriptions in the Southwestern script found in the (writing c.

7 BC) records that "The Turdetanians and particularly those that live about the Baetis, have completely changed over to the Roman mode of life the modern script has been expanded to cover all moras, but.

Tartessian language in the context of paleohispanic languages The Tartessian language is the extinct Paleohispanic language of inscriptions in the Southwestern script found in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula: mainly in the south of Portugal (Algarve and southern Alentejo), and the southwest of Spain (south of Extremadura and western Andalusia).

The Journal of Indo-European Studies Some Observations on the Classification of Tartessian as a Celtic Language He takes kaaßetaana in J to be an appellative *kassi– danná, which looks plausible to me and would be a step forward in the classification of Tartessian as Celtic.

Iberian-Tartessian scripts/graffiti in Iruna-Veleia (Basque Country, North Spain): findings in both Iberia Iberian scripts findings cover most of Iberian Peninsula geography. It is clear that “dialectal” undefined way of writing is also assumed in different archaeological sites.

This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The writing there was Ogam,[1] and the symbol for the summer solstice, a circle with a line bisecting it, indicating ‘half day; half night’ was also seen.

Some of the stones dragged over the top of their structures were estimated to be over 3 1/2 tons.

Tartessian writing a cover
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